NHL Looking to NFL for Inspiration on Innovative New Broadcast

Published October 3, 2023 at 9:29 PM

The NHL is reportedly going to be trying out an innovative new broadcast style this year, one that will be familiar to NFL fans.

NHL to debut 'Red Zone' Style Broadcast Early this Season

Recent reports have circulated that the NHL will be testing out a new broadcast style, one that closely mimics the highly loved 'Red Zone' of the NFL. The broadcast will jump from game to game, showing all the highlights and goals as they happen in real time.

The NHL will test-run their own version of NFL Redzone called ‘Frozen Frenzy' on ESPN this season.

It will be on October 24th when all 32 teams play, and they will use it more often in the future if it goes well.

Hosted by John Buccigross, the studio will be bouncing around different games. Fans will see «every power play, every hit, every goal, every highlight.»

There will be as many as 11 games on at once that day, and Frozen Frenzy will aim to show every important moment.


NHL is Continuing Its Experimentation with Broadcast in Order to Gain Viewers

The NHL has been in a viewership decline for the past few years, and the league is doing everything it can to try and win the hearts of potential viewers. This has included an animated game last year, as well as different graphics on the telecast to make the game more visually appealing.

NHL RedZone sounds like something Jigsaw would cook up for me

One of its more successful endeavors was the Winter Classic, which debuted 15 years ago. The success of the first outdoor game earned a spin-off to heritage classic games as well as the stadium series.


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NHL Looking to NFL for Inspiration on Innovative New Broadcast

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