Major Turnaround For The Jets In Their Effort To Trade Mark Scheifele

Published September 2, 2023 at 5:15 PM

The Winnipeg Jets have been on the edge of a rebuild for several seasons now. Their star center Mark Scheifele is reportedly being shopped around for potential trade. One center needy contender could be in the market for him.

Can The Bruins Make It Work?


The Bruins despite losing their top 2 centers are still in cap trouble. They currently only have about 400,000 in cap space. To acquire a top play they would need to clear significant space. Up until this point they had been unwilling to do so.

New developments indicate that the Bruins are willing to make a push to get the depth they crave.

Bruins Desperate To Add Center Depth?

The Bruins are starting to realized that they need to make a move. One name they have been linked to in the past is Winnipeg's Mark Scheifele. Until now they had been unwilling to meet Winnipeg's asking price.

Now according to rumors the Bruins desperation for a center may have upped their previous offers. To get a deal done the Bruins would likely have to part with one of their main goaltending duo of Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman.

If the Bruins feel the need for a center they would have to pay a hefty price. However, the core that broke regular season records last season deserves another shot at a Stanley Cup. If acquiring Scheifele is what it takes to bring the Bruins back into contention it could be well worth the price.

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Major Turnaround For The Jets In Their Effort To Trade Mark Scheifele

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