Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals
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Wilson did something unexpected regarding his 6-game suspension

Published March 25, 2024 at 9:32

Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals is usually not the type to take anything lying down. It seems his recent 6-game suspension is a different case altogether.

Tom Wilson Won't Appeal 6-game Suspension for High Sticking

Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals was recently suspended 6 games for high sticking Noah Gregor of the Toronto Maple Leafs last Wednesday. At the time, Caps head coach Spencer Carbery called it a big setback as the team attempts to make the post season.

"That's a huge impact. I don't need to go into length about what he provides our team from a leadership standpoint, veteran presence standpoint, what he does on the ice. So, huge absence in our lineup."

Despite the loss to the lineup, and the ability to appeal in an attempt to get a shorter sentence, ESPN reports that Capitals' Tom Wilson won't the appeal 6-game suspension

"Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has decided not to appeal his six-game suspension for a high stick to the head of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor, a source told ESPN on Sunday night.

Tom Wilson and the NHLPA could have appealed the ban to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. After Bettman's appeal ruling, and since the suspension was six or more games, Tom Wilson was eligible to appeal it again to a neutral arbitrator."

This was Tom Wilson's sixth suspension he has received from the NHL. However, it was his first since 2021 after he got seven games for boarding Brandon Carlo of the Boston Bruins. For any suspensions, the NHL usually only considers someone a repeat offender if they were banned by the league in the previous 18 months. However, given Tom Wilson's history, it would be almost impossible not to take the previous suspensions into account at least somewhat. As for the risk involved with appealing, it is always possible that the NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman could decide to make the ban longer rather than shorter.

"Based on the video it seems it was a 3 or 4 game suspension increased to 6 due to Tom Wilson's history of suspension.

Which is entirely fair and how this all works."

The Washington Capitals will have to dig deep over the last part of the season in order to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It will be much harder when one of your top players is on the sidelines. Meanwhile, the owner of the Washington Capitals was recently told he can not move the team.
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Wilson did something unexpected regarding his 6-game suspension

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