Toronto Maple Leafs players Auston Matthews and Morgan Reilly at the 2024 NHL All-Star game
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NHL Star Risks Major Suspension for Betting on All-Star Activities

Published February 7, 2024 at 5:48 PM

The NHL takes betting on the sport very seriously. Just earlier this season, Senators forward Shane Pinto was suspended 41 games for violating the league's gambling policy. Now one Islanders player could potentially be facing the same consequences.

Barzal Admits To Betting On All-Star Event, Risking Suspension

Matthew Barzal is arguably the most important player on the New York Islanders. He was also the team's representative at the All-Star game this year. While he was at the event, he reportedly engaged in some betting, an activity that is highly scrutinized by the NHL. TSN reporter Mark Masters was first to report this news, although he did so in a nonchalant manner.

Barzal helped Matthews prep for shooting accuracy event

"Threw $100 on it. Yeah, probably not the best bet for me to go head-to-head with him in a shooting competition. He's a student of the game. I love the game as well so we were just messing around"

Fans were quick to question the story as many wondered why Barzal has seemingly faced no supplementary discipline for this transgression. Many references Pinto's suspension in their comments.

threw $100 on it?? how so? sounds like betting within the sport. If consistent should probably receive a 41-game suspension?

At this point, it seems as though Barzal has gotten away with it. Given that the All-Star game was several days ago now, it would seem as though no disciplinary action will be coming for the Islanders forward. Hopefully, the NHL will address this issue and give some kind of reasoning for the lack of punishment. Given the way they have handled past betting cases, it would seem only fair.

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NHL Star Risks Major Suspension for Betting on All-Star Activities

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