Washington Captials' John Carlson.
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Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson File Lawsuit Against Company

Published April 20, 2024 at 2:08 PM
Elliot Ben Jacob
April 20, 2024  (2:08 PM)

Two NHL defensemen, John Carlson of the Washington Capitals and Charlie McAvoy from the Boston Bruins, have taken legal action.
Their claim targets IF Management, accusing the firm of inappropriate use of their personal images.

"NEW: Star NHL Defensemen Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson sue IF Management and its owner for alleged false and unauthorized use of their NIL (name, image, likeness).

Both players are represented by Alexander Aigen for marketing. Aigen entered into an employment agreement with IF in October, 2022, but was terminated without cause in October, 2023. Carlson and McAvoy allege IF continued to use their likenesses thereafter without permission."

Detailed Report on the Lawsuit

Jason Morrin, an expert in sports law reporting, has provided an in-depth explanation of the lawsuit, which was made in New York.

This legal dispute involves Carlson and McAvoy, who have both been associated with high-profile careers in hockey.

Severing Ties with IF Management

Documents reveal that Carlson and McAvoy had communicated their decision to cut professional ties with IF Management.

"Counsel for plaintiffs sent a letter to counsel for IF Management on January 22, 2024, demanding removal of Plaintiffs' Images from all of IF Management's websites."

This decision was made through an email sent in November 2023. Subsequently, in January 2024, a formal demand was made through their legal representatives. This demand instructed IF Management to cease the use of their images.

Legal Claims Filed

In their legal challenge filed in New York, Carlson and McAvoy have brought forward six distinct complaints against IF Management.

Interestingly, the filing does not specify a claim for any particular amount of money.

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Charlie McAvoy and John Carlson File Lawsuit Against Company

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