Serious Allegations Against Head Coach and Hockey Players

Published September 23, 2023 at 2:24 PM

Austen Swankler, a top scorer in the NCAA, recently spoke out about a troubling situation on his team at Bowling Green State University.

Swankler Reveals Disturbing Incidents

Last Friday, Swankler shared a post on social media explaining why he's leaving the team. He said it was because he experienced negative behavior from both his teammates and coaches.

"I came out about everything that happened to stop future incidents from occurring. Hazing is a serious issue especially to this school. So before you saying I'm dragging the school through mud know the facts. I know the facts because I was a victim."

Investigation Started

In response to these serious accusations, the local Police Department is investigating the Bowling Green State University hockey program. The University has also taken quick action, suspending the head coach, Ty Eigner, and three players while they look into the matter further.

"Immediately upon receiving a report of alleged hazing, the University notified local law enforcement and initiated its own investigation. BGSU has placed three students on interim suspension from the team. Additionally, Head Coach Ty Eigner has been placed on administrative leave, pending a full review.

Effective immediately, Curtis Carr has been named interim head coach and William Switaj has been appointed to serve in an interim advisory capacity. Through our commitment – both on campus and across the state – the University remains steadfast in its mission to eradicate hazing. Our community continues to embrace a culture of accountability, and we continue to be grateful for those who report concerns."

The police in Bowling Green, Ohio, are investigating if any state anti-hazing laws were broken.

"Days after Bowling Green State University said it had suspended three players and placed its men's hockey coach on leave after an alleged hazing incident, the Bowling Green, Ohio, police department tells me it is investigating to determine whether any of the state's anti-hazing laws have been broken.

(A Bowling Green student died from a hazing incident in 2021 and in January, the school paid $2.9M to his family. Bowling Green hosted its second anti-hazing conference in August.)"

Taking a Stand Against Hazing

Swankler's brave comments highlight the problem of bullying in college sports programs. These revelations emphasize the need to promptly and openly address such behavior to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes.

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Serious Allegations Against Head Coach and Hockey Players

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