PK Subban Makes Serious Claims Against Hockey Canada

Published December 8, 2023 at 1:39 PM

PK Subban has just made some serious claims against Hockey Canada, and their attitude towards him during his time playing for Team Canada in the Olympics.

PK Subban Says He Was Prohibited From Celebrating Goals

PK Subban was undoubtedly one of the best defensemen of his generation. Winning a Norris Trophy and playing in the Olympics for Canada, Subban has made a name for himself in nearly every Canadian hockey fan's household.

However, being a black athlete, Subban has also faced discrimination in the predominantly white sport of hockey. Recently, Subban opened up about this with regard to how he was treated during the Canadian Olympic team selection.

CBCGEM- In the NHL, P.K. Subban was blasted for his showy style on the ice, and told that he couldn't celebrate scoring goals if he was going to play for Team Canada.

A lifelong Canadian, P.K. was told "it wasn't how Canadians were supposed to conduct themselves."

Black Life: Untold Stories - More Than A Game

It's hard to believe Subban not making the Canadian Olympic team, as he was the winner of the Norris Trophy that year marking him the best defenseman in the NHL at the time. If it weren't for his skin colour, it is likely that the discussion of his on-ice flashiness would never have occurred.

Subban Now Fights For Diversity in the NHL and Hockey in General

Though he retired in 2022, Subban continues to fight for better awareness and diversity in the game of hockey through his involvement in the NHL's Player Inclusion Coalition. Subban is co-chair of the coalition along with Anson Carter, with the mission of advancing equality and inclusion in hockey.

#NJDevils P.K. Subban listed as a co-chair alongside Anson Carter of the Player Inclusion Committee (PIC).

HBSE President Hugh Weber sits as a member of the Executive Inclusion Council.

As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - "P.K. Subban comes forward with serious allegations against Hockey Canada"
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PK Subban Makes Serious Claims Against Hockey Canada

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