Boston Bruins Left Winger Brad Marchand
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Brad Marchand Goes Soft, Loses NHL's Most Hated Player Title

Published February 5, 2024 at 6:55

Just as there are always winners and losers in sports, there are always favorites and least favorites. While some players vie for the hearts of fans, others garner their contempt, leading to a sort of competition between dirty players. For some time, Boston Bruins captain and left winger Brian Marchand had been widely considered the most hated player. However, according to recent polling, this title has been taken from him.

Brad Marchand Loses Title as NHL's Most Hated Player

Marchand is no stranger to controversy, with a history of dirty plays notorious it earned him the nickname "The Rat" from his fellow NHLers. So naturally, it comes as a surprise that he lost the crown of the league's most hated player. A recent poll from The Atlantic asked
"Who's the player in the league whose face you most want to punch?"
Shockingly, he came in second place with less than 15 percent of the nearly 150 total votes.

"Via @TheAthletic

The Florida Panthers have 3 of the players in the league whose face NHL players would like to punch 🥊

Nick Cousins with the most votes, Matthew Tkachuk with the 4th most votes and Ryan Lomberg 9th most votes among anonymous players in the NHL.

Brandon Montour also got a vote 😂


Nick Cousins Takes More Than Just Marchand's Title

While Marchand's loss may be unexpected to some, it should be no shock that the player who overtook him is Florida Panther's forward Nick Cousins. Having been one of the dirtiest players the league has seen, it should also come as no surprise that former defenseman Kevin Biseka also bestowed Marchand's nickname onto Cousins earlier this year.

"'Somebody has to hammer this guy from the department of justice and put an end to these crappy hits because I hate them and that's a rat to me.'

@kevin_bieksa shoots on Nick Cousins tonight on @hockeynight

With the NHL in agreement on Cousins having the most punchable face, only time will tell if Marchand will continue to soften his aggression on the ice.

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Brad Marchand Goes Soft, Loses NHL's Most Hated Player Title

Is Nick Cousins likely to keep the NHL's Most Hated Player title?

Yes21571.2 %
No8728.8 %
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