28 People Lose Their Jobs Because Of Gary Bettman

Published October 11, 2023 at 9:23

Every year, NHL teams face tough decisions due to the strict salary cap rules they must adhere to. The NHL's cap structure has failed to grow significantly over the past few years, putting pressure on some teams, as the cap didn't go up as planned.

Reduced Rosters at the Start of the Season After Teams Fail to Respect the Salary Cap


Several NHL teams have been unable to field a complete roster of 23 NHL players and have had to make adjustments to meet cap compliance. One team can only carry 20 players, while several others can only carry 21 players at the moment. As a result, 28 NHL jobs have been lost to begin the 2023-24 NHL season.

Flat Cap Squeezing Teams, But a Brighter Future Ahead

Revenues are slowly growing, and ownership stability is prevailing throughout the league. The salary cap is projected to be close to $90 million for the upcoming season, a significant increase from the current $83.5 million. Commissioner Gary Bettman has expressed confidence in the league's overall status, highlighting the strength of franchise ownership and the excitement surrounding the new season.

Furthermore, the potential for future expansion of hockey clubs presents an opportunity to boost NHL revenues. With increased revenue, the salary cap will grow, providing more roster flexibility and allowing all teams to field a full complement of 23 players in the years to come. Potential expansion also opens up additional roles at the NHL level.

As seen on Puck Reporter - Gary Bettman Directly Responsible for the Loss of 28 NHL Jobs
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28 People Lose Their Jobs Because Of Gary Bettman

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