Former NHLer Tie Domi, Father of Max Domi
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Max Domi Gets No Approval from Dad for Dropping the Gloves

Published March 24, 2024 at 4:13 PM

You would think a former player like Tie Domi would love seeing his son get into it in an NHL game. However, it doesn't seem that's always case.

Tie Domi had a very surprising reaction to his son Max dropping the gloves last night.

The Toronto Maple Leafs looked to be rolling going into the third period 5-0 lead. The Edmonton Oilers finally woke up, managing to get the score to 5-3 before Auston Matthews potted the empty netter to seal the win. However, with just over seven minutes left in the third, Max Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs decided to drop the gloves with the Edmonton Oilers Mattias Janmark with the score 5-2.

Tie Domi was in the audience to watch Max Domi fight Mattias Janmark. Tie Domi is a former player whose history is filled with heavyweight bouts in the NHL. Despite Max Domi managing to get in some pretty good punches in before falling to the ice, his dad was not in the mood for celebrating. Instead, he just stared forward with a concerned look on his face. Someone tapped him on the shoulder, presumably to say his son had a good tilt. Tie Domi barely reacted.

I'm not sure if Tie Domi was concerned about the fall to the ice, or just Max Domi's decision to drop the gloves entirely, but he most certainly seemed worried about something.

Despite having just 8 goals, Domi has been contributing to the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. He has 40 points in 69 games, while adding plenty of grit and aggression to the lineup. Meanwhile, former former Toronto Maple Leafs member Zach Hyman, now playing for the Edmonton Oilers, got honest about why he left Toronto in advance of last night's game.

Tie Domi Has Shocking Reaction After his Son Max Drops the Gloves
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Max Domi Gets No Approval from Dad for Dropping the Gloves

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