Former OHL Player Facing Major Legal Trouble After Video Goes Viral

Published September 28, 2023 at 1:04 PM

A former OHL player went viral recently in a video on a golf course. After the video went viral the player was arrested and is now facing major legal issues.

Former OHL Player Goes Viral

This week a video started to go viral on the internet of a man wielding a golf club attacking another man. It turns out that the man attacking with the golf club is former OHL player Joel Sandie.

The video shows Sandie run past another man and swing the golf club at him striking him briefly. This clip had gone viral well before anyone knew that Sandie was involved. Now there are reports that he has been criminally charged for his actions.

Former OHL Player Criminally Charged


According to reports Sandie has been charged with assault by the Sault Saint Marie Police Department. He will now have to defend his actions in court.

During his career, Joel Sandie played 115 OHL games and had 11 points while playing defense. After his career in the OHL, his career seems to have come to a quick end.

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Former OHL Player Facing Major Legal Trouble After Video Goes Viral

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