Simon Kubicek of the ECHL's Norfolk Admirals
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Simon Kubicek, of a Jets affiliate, hits linesman while being ejected

Published March 26, 2024 at 5:22 PM

Simon Kubicek, who plays for two affiliates teams of the Winnipeg Jets, really got away with one over the weekend while being ejected from a game.

Winnipeg Jets affiliate player Simon Kubicek went on an absolute rampage this weekend while his Norfolk Admirals were taking on the Adirondack Thunder

With Adirondack winning 5-4 late in the third, Kubicek was being called for a penalty. He clearly didn't appreciate it much, and was frustrated enough that he took it out of the officials in the form of screaming at them on his way there. Simon Kubicek, who had just been reassigned to Norfolk from the Winnipeg Jets' AHL affiliate the Manitoba Moose, didn't stop at that. After slamming the door to the penalty box, aggressively punching the glass, and then slamming his helmet down. It was at that point that he was ejected from the game, and that's when Simon Kubicek really went nuclear.

Simon Kubicek, who played twice for the Czech Republic at the World Junior Championships, stormed out of the box yelling, and tried to make his way towards the referee who had given him the boot. Two linesmen were helping Kubicek find his way to the tunnel, but just after he left the ice, Kubicek turned around with a wild swing of his stick, breaking it on the boards. It appears the linesman was hit in the finger in the process.

"Wild scene in the ECHL on Friday, when Norfolk's Simon Kubicek was ejected, and then hit the linesman with his stick as he was being escorted off the ice 😳"

Simon Kubicek has played 4 games for the Manitoba Moose of the AHL from 2022 to 2024. The 22 year old has spent the rest of his career in the ECHL. He was not suspended for his actions. In fact, he returned the very night to take on the Adirondack Thunder once again. Simon Kubicek has never had an NHL contract and has never played with the Winnipeg Jets. Meanwhile, Elliotte Friedman recently revealed the real reason behind the Jets recent struggles.
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Simon Kubicek, of a Jets affiliate, hits linesman while being ejected

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