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Journalist proposes best option for the Jets during this off-season

Published May 3, 2024 at 11:30

The Winnipeg Jets could pull off a move this offseason, freeing up a heap of salary cap space. It could allow them to bolster their roster and surpass the first-round jump next year. According to Jets prospect enthusiast 'Aavco Cup', one of the boldest could be buying out Neal Pionk and Nate Schmidt. That would free up a hefty $7.2 million in cap space for the 2024-2025 season.

Now, the big question is: can they find players on the market who can deliver better results than these two, who have disappointed fans with their poor play for that kind of cash? It's a possibility.

As the user noted, Pionk's on-ice sv% was the worst on the team among Jets defensemen. Meanwhile, Schmidt was a -5 in the series.

After another early playoff exit, getting washed in five games in the first round for the second year running, this time by the Colorado Avalanche and outscored 28-15, it's clear the Jets need some roster retooling.

So, could shaking things up with these buyouts be the key to turning things around for the Jets? Only time will tell, but it's an intriguing option worth considering in what should be an eventful summer.
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Journalist proposes best option for the Jets during this off-season

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