Winnipeg Jets Dodge A Bullet After Major Russian Ruling

Published December 26, 2023 at 6:15 PM

Russia is trending towards keeping their young stars for longer than they currently do and the Jets may have been the final team to get away with getting some over.

Russia Set To Implement New Major Ban

Recently, news broke that Russia is trying to get their young players to stay longer than the current standard. It was added that there were orders from the president of Russia which means that this will likely be implemented rather swiftly.

Of note to NHL prospects with KHL clubs:

Shumi Babaev mentions via MatchTV:

"We have an order from the President, according to which young players should stay here - in Russia."

They have been working on rules to not allow players to go abroad before a set amount of time.

This means that the new standard for Russians trying to play in the NHL will be that they have to wait till they have played in many full KHL seasons before heading over to their respective NHL clubs.

We have seen this in the past where players wait longer in Russia before coming over and becoming instant impacts like Artemi Panarin, Kirill Kaprizov, and most recently Andrei Kuzmenko.

Jets Dodge A Bullet As Chibrikov May Have Been The Last Prospect To Leave Early

The new format appears to be five full KHL seasons before coming over to North America, like what Matvei Michkov's contract looks like, but the Jets were able to get 2021 2nd rounder Nikita Chibrikov in North America even earlier.

4-5 years/seasons seems the norm now for KHL players to stay over there.

One exception to this was #CBJ Chinakhov who came over after 1 year.

So #LetsGoFlyers Michkov will have 5 full seasons before coming over. (If he doesn't somehow get outta contract).

Chibrikov played in parts of three seasons in the KHL before coming over to North America this past offseason. He currently plays with the Manitoba Moose of the AHL where he is tied for the team lead in points with 21.

The Jets have a few other prospects in Russia at the moment but have not selected a player who was playing in Russia over the past two drafts.

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Winnipeg Jets Dodge A Bullet After Major Russian Ruling

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