Winnipeg Jets Angry With Gary Bettman after the Hartman Perfetti Incident

Dawson McKenzie
January 3, 2024  (2:10 PM)

Ryan Hartman High Sticking Cole Perfetti
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This NHL insider just revealed how the Winnipeg Jets organization is feeling after Ryan Hartman was merely fined for his incident with Cole Perfetti, and they are not happy with how the NHL is handling it.

Hartman Admits to Purposefully High Sticking Perfetti in Retaliation to Dillon and Kaprizov Incident

The drama between the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild is getting heated after Ryan Hartman was caught on Cole Perfetti's hot mic saying that he purposefully high-sticked him as a result of a preceding play between Dillon and Kaprizov.
Perfetti, being mic'd up, told reporters after the game how the whole situation went down. This is something that people sort of assumed happened in hockey, however, it's not something the NHL is very proud of.
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Ryan Hartman straight up told Cole Perfetti he highsticked him on purpose because of the Dillon/Kaprizov incident 😬

Jets Organization Is Livid With the Outcome of the High Stick

The NHL department of Player Safety took a look at the incident, as they should have, to determine if the situation was suspendable. The Jets had assumed that Hartman would at least be facing a small suspension, given his history and the evidence caught on tape, however, Hartman was just fined.
Minnesota's Ryan Hartman has been fined $4,427.08, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for high-sticking Winnipeg's Cole Perfetti.

Now, according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the Jets organization is livid about the outcome. They believe that Hartman should have been given a bigger punishment, especially considering he targeted one of the Jets' upcoming stars.
Friedman says the #NHLJets behind the scenes are livid about the #MNWild Hartman situation. They don't like who was targeted and are upset that a player with Hartman's history got away with only a fine. He also said it's no accident that info got out yesterday

With the drama not seeming to stop, we will see how the game between the Wlid and Jets plays out in late February when the two match up again.
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Winnipeg Jets Angry With Gary Bettman after the Hartman Perfetti Incident

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