RUMOR: Jets Could Be Making A Massive Jersey Change Next Season

Published September 6, 2023 at 5:10 PM

The Winnipeg Jets have had the same home and away jerseys since re-entering the NHL in 2011. Many fans in recent seasons have been hoping for a change in favor of a more modern look. Now one rumor suggests that fans might partially be getting what they want.

Jets Getting New Jerseys?

According to Connor Hrabchak on X, the Winnipeg Jets are sporting new helmets and pants during their recent skates together. He wonders if this could be a sign of a new home jersey for the upcoming NHL season.

Quite an interesting choice for helmets, pants, etc. 👀

Could the #NHLJets be moving to their heritage jerseys full-time?

These jerseys have been seen before when the Jets took on the Calgary Flames at the Heritage Classic.


The jerseys have been used as an alternate since then but now could be used as a full-time jersey potentially. The jersey is a modern take on the Winnipeg Jets original jersey and logo.

Fanatics Jerseys On The Horizon

With the talk of new uniforms in Winnipeg it is important to keep in mind that Fanatics will officially take over the uniforms of the NHL in 2024-25. This likely means that each team will get minor updates to their uniform to make them unique to the Fanatics era.

As for what this means for Winnipeg a full rebrand might have to wait. With the current deal with Adidas coming to an end soon they are unlikely to make any major updates to NHL uniforms. This means the Jets will likely undertake a proper rebrand and new compliment of jerseys once Fanatics officially take over.
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RUMOR: Jets Could Be Making A Massive Jersey Change Next Season

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