Insider Reveals How Much Elias Lindholm Will Get On His Next Contract

Published September 6, 2023 at 3:45 PM

Elias Lindholm is entering the final year of his current contract. As of now, rumors about his potential extension have been pretty quiet. Today we finally have some news on what his next contract might look like.

Friedman Gives Insight On Lindholm's Extension

NHL insider extraordinaire Elliotte Friedman joined NHL Network recently to discuss various league-wide topics. One of the things they discussed was what Elias Lindholm's contract extension could look like. Here is what Friedman had to say.

Friedman on NHL Network: I really thought Horvat was going to be the comparable at 8x8.5, and I think it's possible Lindholm now actually comes in higher than that, potentially I think the number is going to have to be above Horvat, I've heard it might be closer to 8.75 or 9

This report is the first we've heard of tangible terms in the Lindholm negotiations. If Calgary wants to keep Lindholm they clearly will have to make a significant commitment to him.

Lindholm To Hit The Open Market?


While there is still plenty of time until the 2024 free agency class opens it is never too early to discuss possibilities. Lindholm is asking for a significant financial commitment from the Flames at around 9 million dollars. If the Flames struggle for a second year can they justify giving that kind of money and term to a 29-year-old forward who has struggled to help them win?

If the extension is not completed soon both sides could decide to wait and see how the season plays out. If Calgary struggles trade talks could replace extension talks. If they right the ship and are back contending the Flames are more likely to be open to paying Lindholm what he is looking for.
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Insider Reveals How Much Elias Lindholm Will Get On His Next Contract

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