Jets' Success Depends on their Patience with this Star Player

Published October 26, 2023 at 12:28


In professional sports, immediate results often take precedence over nurturing young talents, a scenario exemplified by the Winnipeg Jets' handling of Cole Perfetti. Recently benched during a crucial game against the Edmonton Oilers, this move highlights a lack of patience that could hinder Perfetti's growth into a star center player for the Jets.

Heck of a pass right here by Cole Perfetti and David Gustafsson puts the #NHLJets up 1-0. 🚨 18 seconds later, Mason Appleton made it 2-0. Great start to the period for Winnipeg. 🎥: @NHLJets

Promising Potential

Born in Whitby, Ontario, Perfetti was snatched up by the Jets as the tenth overall selection in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, despite concerns over his size and speed. His journey has been promising; from excelling with the Manitoba Moose and the Team Canada World Junior team to holding his own with the Jets, Perfetti's intelligence and playmaking ability are evident. However, the Jets' decision to sometimes favor mediocre, more experienced players like Vladislav Namestnikov over promising talents like Perfetti, reflects a short-term vision that undermines both Perfetti's and the team's potential.

Cole Perfetti finishes off a beautiful offensive play by the Jets 🔥

Young Talent Key To Long Term Success

Jets fans have suggested that granting Perfetti a substantial run as a second-line center could provide a clearer picture of his capability, promoting both his individual development and possibly contributing more significantly to the team's performance. This situation isn't unique to Winnipeg. Many teams have a long history of the rush for immediate outcomes overshadows the long-term benefits of patiently developing young, promising players.

Cole Perfetti sat down with @SaraOrlesky postgame to break down the Jets' 4-2 win!

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Jets' Success Depends on their Patience with this Star Player

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