Former Jets Teammates Of Pierre-Luc Dubois Reveal What He's Like Away From The Cameras

Published October 17, 2023 at 6:08 PM

Ahead of his return to Winnipeg tonight, these former teammates of Pierre-Luc Dubois have revealed what he is like away from the ice.

Teammates Have Fond Memories of Dubois

In his return to Winnipeg, Dubois is fully expecting to be booed by relenting fans. However, despite the fans hatred of Dubois for wanting out of Winnipeg, his former teammates don't hold the same feelings.

In a recent interview, a few of his former Jet's teammates shared stories about Dubois away from the rink.

"He and his girlfriend would often come over with Dilly (Brenden Dillon)," Schmidt laughed. "It was some good old family fun. We had it on in the garage; he lived a couple doors down and would just show up. Dubie would just be out walking the dog and text me, ‘hey I'm here'. The guy would just show up on my doorstep, him and his new puppy sometimes." - Nate Schmidt on PLD coming over for 'Survivor Nights'

"Dubie and I, we shared a bond," defender Dylan DeMelo said. "We both really like watching soccer. We have a lot of European guys on our team, so we actually had a fantasy premier league thing going on. We really had a lot of fun with it.

The guy would buy some funny, old-school soccer retro kits and just bring them on the plane to wear all the time. He even got me bringing out a couple kits too. I just remember always joking about the jerseys that we'd be wearing." - Dylan DeMelo on PLD and his shared love for Soccer

Dubois was the Jets' Party Organizer and was Dubbed 'The Promoter'

Despite the bad rap he received from the media and fans for wanting out, his teammates clearly loved Dubois for the effort he put into team bonding off the ice. According to his former teammates, Dubois always took the reign on organizing team dinners while on the road, and even throwing a few rookie parties in Vegas.

"We'd always call him ‘The Promoter' last year," Perfetti shared. "He was always the guy who'd setup the team dinner on the road, the team parties, or maybe a night out. I have lots of good memories of him arranging the rookie parties and team dinners in the playoffs in Vegas." - Cole Perfetti on PLD

While the fans might not miss him, clearly he left on a good note with his teammates in Winnipeg and is likely looking forward to reuniting with them tonight.

As seen on The Hockey News - "Former Jets Teammates Reminisce Favourite Pierre-Luc Dubois Memories"
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Former Jets Teammates Of Pierre-Luc Dubois Reveal What He's Like Away From The Cameras

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