Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin
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Alex Ovechkin concerns fans with comments on working with the NHL

Published June 2, 2024 at 11:46 PM
River Hawk
June 2, 2024  (11:46 PM)

With the player so close to breaking Wayne Gretzky's goal-scoring record, Washington Capitals veteran forward Alex Ovechkin concerned fans with comments about training in the NHL.

Alex Ovechkin is undoubtedly one of the best goal-scorers the NHL has ever seen. After 19 years as a forward for the Washington Capitals, the player has garnered 853 career goals, only 42 shy of overtaking the Great One.

"TOTALLY going to pat myself on the back here

Alex Ovechkin now stands at 853 regular season goals in his career

@WayneGretzky's record is 894 goals

42 goals in 82 games is doable; @ovi8 actually did it in 73 games in 2022-23, and reached 50 goals in 77 games in 2021-22"

However, Ovechkin's comments leave fans hoping he could pull this off worried. The 38-year-old forward shared his distaste for the training season, making it clear he prefers his vacation time to his ice time.

"I hate prep. I hate it. I just don't like training. Before the season, that's the hardest part. Can you imagine, after vacation, you arrive, you're tan, everything's fine, happy, and your coach calls you and says, 'Well Sasha, tomorrow we start training. And it starts, you go to training, then rest, then another training. I hate it, I can't stand it."

Training is an undeniably necessary part of preparing for the regular season. Without it, it is hard to be sure this veteran player could be sharp enough for a high-production year. Ovechkin has also made it clear that he intends to finish his hockey career in the KHL with the Dynamo Moskva, furthering the case that the player is no longer dedicated to the Washington Capitals.

"Alexander Ovechkin hopes to finish his career with Dynamo Moskva in Russia"

With the player clearly out of the league mentally, it is hard to imagine he could be helpful physically. Regardless of his ability to beat Gretzky's goal-scoring record, Alexander Ovechkin will undoubtedly be remembered and respected for his time in the NHL.

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Alex Ovechkin concerns fans with comments on working with the NHL

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