Gary Bettman Reportedly Sets Sky-High NHL Expansion Fees

Published September 16, 2023 at 1:21 PM

Unexpected News

Recent news concerning the NHL's expansion fees is raising eyebrows. Insider Darren Dreger reports that Gary Bettman might be considering an expansion fee of a staggering 2 billion dollars for the next NHL franchise.

"As the NHL continues to acknowledge, expansion is not a priority; however, sources suggest that if the league considers expansion in the next 5 years, $2 billion could be the number."

This comes as a shock, especially given the NHL's previous comments about not aggressively pursuing expansion. The recent success stories, like the Vegas Golden Knights who clinched the Stanley Cup last season, make this news even more confusing.

Bettman Bets Too High?

Taking into account that only two NHL franchises are valued at or above 2 billion dollars, this proposed fee seems excessively high.

While this amount may seem insignificant to someone like Bettman, it is indeed a substantial figure. Such a price could hurt potential expansions the NHL might be considering for the future.

Considering the Seattle Kraken's expansion fee was set at 650 million dollars, the proposed 2 billion feels outlandish in comparison. One can only hope that the public's response might prompt a reconsideration of this figure.

Although this isn't an urgent concern since the NHL isn't on the verge of introducing a new team, it's a topic to watch closely.

As seen on Daily Hockey Dose - Gary Bettman Allegedly Raises NHL Expansion Fees to Staggering Levels
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Gary Bettman Reportedly Sets Sky-High NHL Expansion Fees

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