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Vancouver Mayor calls out Edmonton Oilers ahead of playoff matchup

Published May 8, 2024 at 5:57 PM

The second round of NHL playoffs is well underway, with three of four series already through their first game. However, the last matchup to begin has not come without a challenge, as the Mayor of Vancouver called out the Edmonton Oilers to make a deal.

This year's NHL playoffs have been brutal and entertaining for hockey fans and players alike. Now, with the second round well underway, only one series has yet to start: the Vancouver Canucks versus the Edmonton Oilers. Unsurprisingly, fans of either team have already taken to social media to taunt their current opponents, albeit, predominantly from one side of the aisle.

"In honour of tonight's game, here are the captains of the Oilers and Canucks, Connor McDavid and Quinn Hughes, as singers from the last year their respective cities celebrated a Stanley Cup win.

McDavid in 1990
Hughes in 1915"

However, Oilers fans were met with opposition from Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim, who called out Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi ahead of their first game. In this morning's press video, he makes a bet with Mayor Sohi that requires the loser to fly the winning team's flag and don their jersey.

"Hey Mayor Sohi, how's it going? Now I hear your Edmonton Oilers are going to be playing the Vancouver Canucks tonight and we're actually pretty excited about it. So much in fact that we'd like to challenge you to a little bet. So if the Vancouver Canucks, or when the Vancouver Canucks beat the Edmonton Oilers, we'd like for you to fly the flag of our beloved Canucks above City Hall and rock one of these amazing Vancouver Canucks jerseys. And, in the unlikely event that Edmonton actually wins, we will do the same.

Yet, Mayor Sim could not hold back from taking the rivalry further. After setting the deals of the bet, he questioned Sohi's willingness to participate before taking a slapshot to an Oiler's plushie, launching out of the window into the mouth of the Canucks mascot.

"And so my question to you is, are you up to the challenge? Because we are. Hey little buddy!"

The Canucks and Oilers will play game one of their series tonight at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. With the stakes raised for both cities, this will not be a matchup to miss.
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Vancouver Mayor calls out Edmonton Oilers ahead of playoff matchup

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