Toronto radio host claims Auston Matthews is dealing with a concussion

Tyler Ball
April 30, 2024  (10:33)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews lined up for a faceoff during a road game in the NHL.
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Today a Toronto radio host for FAN 590 Howard Berger decided to throw some gasoline on the flames that are the Auston Matthews injury speculation rumors. According to Howard Berger's report, he believes Auston Matthews is dealing with a concussion.

Auston Matthews was removed from Game 4 just before the third period against the Boston Bruins. He has been out with what the Maple Leafs are calling sickness for several days since the end of that game. Now Howard Berger who talked to an anonymous doctor believes Auston Matthews is dealing with a concussion.
«I know that Matthews has sustained at least two concussions during his years in the NHL,» said the sports clinician. «And, while I have no pertinent info, the fact the Leafs are calling it an ‘illness' rather than an injury — and that the issue is complicated by physical exertion — leads me to think he may have taken another shot to the head. Of course, the NHL has strict concussion protocol and the Leafs would be obligated to keep Matthews out of the line–up if he's experiencing any effects of post–concussion syndrome. I'm sort of debunking my own argument, but no one tells the truth in the playoffs. So we are left to speculate. And, I'm comfortable with the head–shot hypothesis.»

This does not confirm anything but it adds further speculation and doubt to the situation surrounding the Auston Matthews absence. This information should of course be taken with a grain of salt as it is one source with limited inside access to information.
The Maple Leafs will play the Boston Bruins tonight. Sources believe that Auston Matthews is a game-time decision.
When Matthews missed Friday's practice, Dewar skated on top line as a placeholder

That is not the case today

Leafs preparing for a scenario where Auston is unavailable for Game 5

As more information is provided on his status for the game we will pass it along to you.
Source: Hockey Feed - Reports that Auston Matthews may be out with a concussion The worst possible news for the Leafs heading into Game 5.
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Toronto radio host claims Auston Matthews is dealing with a concussion

Will Auston Matthews miss game 5 against the Boston Bruins?

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