Jon Cooper lashes out on NHL video reviews after game 5 elimination

Julien Trekker
April 30, 2024  (8:57)

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper in a press conference.
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Jon Cooper, the Tampa Bay Lightning head coach, lashed out on the NHL video reviews after his team got eliminated in game 5 against the Florida Panthers.

In the tough loss, the referees and the NHL overturned two goals to the Lightning, drastically changing the momentum of the game.
On both occasions, a battle in front of the net led to goalie interference calls, and everyone accross the NHL wonders if the right call has been made on those crucial goals.
To watch the two disallowed goals, watch the following video:
Coach Cooper opened up about the situation in his post-game press conference. He took some time to answer, but what he says will surely resonate with what a lot of people think of the officiating in the NHL.
Read his full declaration here:
"If anybody's going to talk about this game, they're going to talk about the goals that were taken away. And in this league, where goals are at a premium and how we've, all we've done is make the rules for more goal scoring. That's what we've done. And every year there seems to be something we tweak so more goals can be scored.

And that's great, but, you know, there are mandates, and the words were to pull a goal off the board, it has to be unbelievably egregious. That's the standard to pull a goal off the board. Well, the first one's on the board, and I couldn't find anything remotely egregious about that. It's really tough.

Forsling is holding on like it's a full penalty. He's holding on to Duclair. So he's trying to yank, he's trying to get his balance. It really does affect nothing. Bob misses the puck and it's a net-front battle and it's in the net. That's just the part for me.

And then, so now we have to rebound from that. We do. And then the next one is a net-front battle. And I will give the goalie credit. He quit on the play. He completely quit. Didn't see it, didn't whatever, and then flailed.

And there was, I mean, maybe incidental contact at most, and then, but now we have to challenge it because they took it. They saw the reaction of the goaltender, and Bob's doing the right, you know, he duped him and so be it. But now we have to make that challenge.

And again, it's well, then is there. Net-front battles aren't allowed anymore, and that's part of everybody's game. It's the boxing out that goes there. It's prison rules in the playoffs, but it's not prison rules for the goalie. The second something happens, you know, we might as well put skirts on them then, if that's how it's going to be. I mean, they have to battle through stuff, too. And when the players are working so hard on both teams, and it's

I said, it's a war down there, I think we're letting the goalies off the hook, and they've got way more pads on than everybody else does. So, you know, the egregious part, I couldn't see it. And so now we go into the third period, and this conversation is going down if we'd won six one. But we're going into the third period now, down one where maybe we're up one or maybe it's tied and it's a different game.

And, I'll give our guys credit. We had some looks, you know, in the third to tie it, and we don't. And then we kind of shot ourselves in the foot on the fourth one by, you know, how we played that. But again, give Florida credit. They weathered that little storm we had, but it's the circumstance we were put in that I felt.

Again, this is just my opinion, I felt was, you know, a little unfair. And I just the spirit of the rule of, especially in the playoffs, come on, how do you let those slide? Does this by any means? We were gonna say we're gonna win the series. It does not. But would it have changed a lot of the momentum of this game and the way things had gone? I think so. So I'm not sitting up here,
again, this conversation probably that has to, you know, going on in my head.
but Florida won the series. I mean, this is. They won the series four one. It wasn't four three. And this was the game deciding. So they did a lot of work before this to put themselves in a situation, and they beat us."

Once again, Cooper showed what a great leader he is. The Lightning might have been eliminated, but with him behind the bench, they'll remain a competitive team for years to come.
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Jon Cooper lashes out on NHL video reviews after game 5 elimination

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