Major Revelation Shows How Auston Matthews Has Screwed The Leafs Over For Years To Come

Published August 24, 2023 at 7:15 PM

In a recent revelation, a stark contrast has emerged in the approaches of Auston Matthews and Stanley Cup Superstar, Nathan MacKinnon, shedding light on their teams' locker room cultures.

Matthews vs. MacKinnon: Head To Head

Social media buzzes with a discussion about Auston Matthews and Nathan MacKinnon, highlighting their divergent paths and questioning team dynamics.

A Tale of Two Cultures.

Playoff production:
22 goals
22 assists
Zero +/-
7 handshake lines

44 goals
56 assists
1 Stanley Cup





Despite both being the top earners in the NHL (Matthews first and MacKinnon 2nd), their differences go beyond money.

The Cultural Divide

Nathan MacKinnon embodies relentless competitiveness, setting an example with his $6.3 million contract for 7 years. He never complained despite growth. Cale Makar, a premier defenseman, earns $9 million, and Mikko Rantanen, with 55 goals and 105 points, gets $9.25 million. They are not signing that cheaply if they do not see MacKinnon making $6.3 million.

Auston Matthews leans towards self-centeredness, signing a $11,640,250 contract for 5 years, impacting the team. Mitch Marner's $11 million contract and William Nylander's standoff followed. This situation might lead to Nylander's departure to keep Marner. They are not asking for such high contracts unless Matthews is signing for as much as he did.

The Leafs and Avalanche, consistent contenders, face different paths – one towards Stanley Cup success, the other struggling in playoffs. With the Avalanche having enough money to pay for depth players, they will always have a deeper and better team than the Leafs despite having top-end stars as well.

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Major Revelation Shows How Auston Matthews Has Screwed The Leafs Over For Years To Come

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