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Mitch Marner's Future Now in Question with Nylander Extension

Published January 9, 2024 at 11:37

William Nylander committed to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a massive deal. The $92 million contract has eight years to pay out, mostly in signing bonuses, and includes a beautiful No Move Clause that will stay in place for the term of the agreement.

With Nylander getting his new contract, and it being Toronto, the talk has now shifted toMitch Marner's next contract.

What till the plan be for Marner's next contract?

After his ELC, Mitch Marner signed a second contract worth up to $65.4 million, which paid him about $3 million more than Nylander's second contract. The contract was for six years. Marner's value to the team may have increased due to Nylander's dominance over the past two seasons, therefore it's possible that Marner may demand a higher salary than Nylander, a lower salary, or the same.

Expect this to be the conversation until Marner either signs a new contract or is dealt since, well, this is Toronto, and he'll also become a UFA after the 2019–20 season.

The discussion is still months away, but by the sounds of it, I'm hearing the Marner camp has its sights set on something well north of $11.5 million per season.

The #Leafs next season will have the no.1, no.5, no.9, and no.11 highest-paid players in the NHL.

I think it was important for Toronto to keep William Nylander, but we're onward to the next question - which will be how the team navigates the next Mitch Marner contract.

Marner's next contract already being talked about just hours after Nylander signs

On Sportsnet 590's Kyper and Bourne show, Kypreos, JT Bourne and Sam McKee were talking about where the Leafs go now.

Listen to the short discussion here:

The three talked how the $11.5 million Nylander signed for is the floor for what Mitch Marner would ask. Discuss with that as you will. If Marner wants more than Nylander, he is really going to need to ramp up his play, but all the contracts between the two were signed under very different circumstances.
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Mitch Marner's Future Now in Question with Nylander Extension

Will Marner remain a Maple Leaf after next season?

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