Maple Leafs Closing In On Trading For Two Top Defensemen

Mark Parsons
November 14, 2023  (7:59 PM)

The speculation surrounding Nikita Zadorov's potential trade from the Flames has reached a critical point, with the Toronto Maple Leafs emerging as a key player in the negotiations.

During the latest Steve Dangle Podcast, the hosts discussed various aspects of this situation. They mentioned a rumor that a Leafs player indicated to Zadorov that he fits their team's needs. The Leafs have reportedly made an offer involving Zadorov, possibly including Chris Tanev. However, financial constraints pose a significant challenge to this deal.
Tre is itching to get Zadorov on the Leafs. What a hit, what a player. Every team should be in on this guy
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Leafs Looking At Trading Brodie for Zadorov and Tanev

A key point of discussion is TJ Brodie's position in the Leafs roster. There's been talk about moving Brodie's contract to accommodate the new players' salaries. Zadorov and Tanev's combined salaries total approximately 8.25 million dollars, creating a substantial financial hurdle for the Leafs. The possibility of salary retention was also mentioned, which might be necessary for the deal to proceed.
everyone wants Zadorov but Tanev is right there guys. the Leafs best RHD probably shouldn't be Liljegren

Zadorov and Tanev In High Demand

Beyond Toronto, other teams like Arizona, Vancouver, and Ottawa have shown interest in acquiring Zadorov. This competition adds complexity to the situation, with no certainty that the Leafs will secure Zadorov. The hosts questioned whether acquiring Zadorov, at the expense of losing Brodie, would effectively address the Leafs' defensive issues.
Despite acknowledging Zadorov as an improvement, they expressed reservations about the strategic soundness of this move.
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Lastly, the timing of the deal was considered. The Leafs' trip to Sweden and the ongoing season's impact on salary cap calculations could influence the timing of any potential trade. The hosts speculated whether the Leafs would finalize the deal before their trip or wait until their return, possibly delaying until the trade deadline to reassess their needs.
This uncertainty leaves the situation open-ended, with various factors influencing the final outcome of this trade speculation.
Watch the full episode below.

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Maple Leafs Closing In On Trading For Two Top Defensemen

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