Don Cherry Reveals Who Was Holding The Leafs Back Last Year

Published September 4, 2023 at 1:59 PM

Sheldon Keefe has signed on for two more years with the Toronto Maple Leafs, showing he's earned the trust of the new GM, Brad Treliving. While Keefe has done well with the Leafs before, we're curious to see how he'll do in this new Leafs era.

Keefe's History with Dubas

Sheldon Keefe and former GM Kyle Dubas had a unique relationship, with some questioning how much freedom Keefe had.

Don Cherry, a hockey legend, shared his thoughts in a recent podcast.

He mentioned a moment when an emergency backup goalie, Jett Alexander, was subbed into a game.

"When he pointed up above, he's not calling the shots."

This led to a question about whether players might lose respect for Keefe if Dubas was too involved in decisions. Cherry added his input.

"They sure do. I believe that he will coach the way he likes to coach, this year"

A New Keefe on the Horizon?


Don Cherry believes that under Brad Treliving, Keefe will have more freedom compared to when Kyle Dubas was in charge. This might mean Keefe can use the same strategies that helped him win a championship with the Marlies.

In summary, Dubas had a big say in almost everything, which might have caused issues. Now, with Keefe's extension, he can do his job his way without constant interference from above.

Credit: Don Cherry's Grapevine Podcast - "Tombstone. Keefe 2 more years. Q fighting ban. PWHL and more."
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Don Cherry Reveals Who Was Holding The Leafs Back Last Year

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