Auston Matthews Makes A Bold Prediction About Connor Bedard's Future

Published September 27, 2023 at 3:22 PM

Auston Matthews is gearing up for the NHL season. He is set to play in a preseason game against the Buffalo Sabres tonight. Earlier today though he made a bold prediction about one of the NHL's brightest stars.

All Eyes On Bedard's Future

Since being drafted first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks Connor Bedard has been at the center of the hockey world. He has already shown world-class skill in his few preseason and rookie camp appearances.

The Blackhawks are still expected to not be very good during the upcoming season. Bedard on the other hand has had predictions all over the board as far as how he will produce. Today in an interview Auston Matthews added his opinion on how Bedard will do early on in his career.

Matthews Makes A Bold Prediction About Bedard's Future

Auston Matthews was asked about Connor Bedard during his media availability earlier today. Matthews famously had an electric start to his career scoring 4 goals in his first game. He was asked today if he could see Connor Bedard repeat this type of performance in his debut.

Can Connor Bedard score four goals in his NHL debut?

Auston Matthews, smiling: "I'm sure he can get six."

While Matthews was likely just kidding around with the media it brings up an interesting scenario. Bedard has a shot that is already considered to be one of the best in the world. He also has been shooting a ton in the games he has played with the Blackhawks so far.

If Bedard gets locked in he could have an electric game. While it's super unlikely he reaches Matthews' four-goal feat let alone six it is on the table. Matthews' comments nonetheless prove that Connor Bedard's debut is highly anticipated by everyone in the NHL world even fellow competitors.

Bedard will have his chance to make hockey history in his NHL debut on October 10th against fellow generational talent Sidney Crosby.

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Auston Matthews Makes A Bold Prediction About Connor Bedard's Future

Will Connor Bedard score 4 goals or more in his NHL debut?

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