Blues Forward Ejected After Breaking One Of The Softest Rules In Hockey

Published September 27, 2023 at 10:00

The NHL pre-season can often be some of the most intense hockey you'll see, as veterans and young names alike are fighting for their contracts, and in the Blues last game, that's exactly what we saw.

A veteran on a PTO


After a solid season between the Arizona Coyotes and the Calgary Flames, and after adding 13 goals and 26 points through 74 games, and now, he's looking to earn a spot with a PTO.

That PTO in 2023-24 has come with the St. Louis Blues, and in the team's 3-2 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets, he threw down with Josh Dunne to win himself a spot on the Blues roster.

An idiotic rule

Unsurprisingly, the veteran got the best of the fight, but fans were surprised to see when Ritchie was given a game misconduct and ejected from the game, and this came as a result of one of hockey's softest rules.

According to the NHL's rule book, this was the reason for the ejection.

A player who engages in a fight and whose jersey is not properly "tied-down" (jersey properly fastened to pants), and who loses his jersey (completely off of his torso) in that altercation, shall receive a game misconduct penalty.

Ultimately, Ritchie was ejected for not having his jersey tied down, resulting in a game misconduct penalty because he lost his jersey in the scuffle, and while it's certainly a rule that every player is aware of, it's one that makes little sense for the NHL players.

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Blues Forward Ejected After Breaking One Of The Softest Rules In Hockey

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