Top Free Agent Signing Reportedly Screwed Himself Out Of Millions

Published September 10, 2023 at 11:05

One of the most recent free agent signings has reportedly screwed himself out of millions due to a big demand.

Motte Joins Tampa

Tyler Motte has officially joined the Tampa Bay Lightning for the upcoming season, putting an end to the suspense surrounding his contract status. The Lightning announced the signing on their official Twitter account:

Welcome to Tampa, Tyler

We have signed forward Tyler Motte to a one-year contract worth $800,000

Motte, known for his defensive skills, signed with the Lightning to slot into their 4th line.

Motte's High Contract Demands Revealed

In an interesting twist, details emerged about Motte's initial contract demands during the early stages of free agency. New York Post reporter Larry Brooks revealed what Motte had been asking for before eventually agreeing to terms with Tampa Bay:

Have been told by multiple sources that Motte's asking price into free agency and much of the summer was $2M per.

Second consecutive offseason this useful fourth-liner misread the market and priced himself out of New York.

With his Tampa Bay contract amounting to only 40% of his original asking price, it's clear that Motte may have overestimated his market value. This miscalculation may have cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential earnings.

Had Motte set a more modest initial asking price, say around $1.5 million, he might have secured a more lucrative deal elsewhere. Instead, he finds himself signing for less than a seven-figure sum, highlighting the importance of setting realistic contract expectations in professional sports.

As seen on House of Hockey - We Now Know Motte's Shocking Ask
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Top Free Agent Signing Reportedly Screwed Himself Out Of Millions

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