Matthew Tkachuk Reveals The Teams That Almost Landed Him Last Summer

Published September 10, 2023 at 8:48

The NHL's summer of 2022 will forever be remembered as one filled with jaw-dropping trades and surprising player decisions. However, one trade that stood out above all was the monumental swap between the Florida Panthers and the Calgary Flames involving Jonathan Huberdeau and Matthew Tkachuk.

The Tkachuk Dilemma

What initially seemed like a straightforward trade quickly unraveled into a far more complex narrative. While the common perception was that Florida had presented Calgary with the most enticing offer, Tkachuk himself has now shed light on the situation, revealing that he was essentially an unrestricted free agent (UFA) in the making and was evaluating his options until the eleventh hour.

Tkachuk candidly admitted:

I felt very lucky because I basically was a UFA.

This revelation added an intriguing layer to the trade, raising questions about whether one of the other contenders could have been a better fit for Tkachuk, despite his successful debut season in the Stanley Cup Finals. With an eight-year deal now in place, it's a question worth exploring.


The Three Finalists

Aside from the Florida Panthers, Tkachuk had received offers and pitches from two other prominent NHL teams: the St. Louis Blues, a team that had a special connection to Tkachuk through his father's illustrious career, and the Carolina Hurricanes, a young and talented squad.

Tkachuk provided insight into this critical decision-making process, stating:

With their permission, I was allowed to basically for one week talk to, you know, other teams and figure it out, obviously with their permission and everything the three final teams were Florida, Carolina, and St. Louis.

While Tkachuk's choice ultimately appears to have been the right one, the specifics of the offers made by the St. Louis Blues and the Carolina Hurricanes remain filled in mystery. Nonetheless, with the deal now sealed, Tkachuk is committed to his new home for a considerable period, ready to leave his mark on the Florida Panthers.

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Matthew Tkachuk Reveals The Teams That Almost Landed Him Last Summer

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