Philipp Grubauer of the Seattle Kraken hitting Jason Zucker of the Nashville Predators.
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Furious Kraken Goalie decided to get things done on his own

Published March 18, 2024 at 9:17

In a must-see video, Seattle Kraken goaltender Philipp Grubauer absolutely decked an opposing player who was standing in his crease, knocking him to the ice.

Philipp Grubauer Lays the Body on Jason Zucker Who Was Standing in His Crease

Some goaltenders have made a name for themselves for having a bit of an anger issue, and showing that they aren't afraid to get physical along with their ability to stop the puck. Names like Patrick Roy, Eddie Belfour and Jordan Binnington come to mind for goalies who like to get their hands dirty.

Now, it looks like Philipp Grubauer also fits the bill, as he absolutely laid out Jason Zucker of the Nashville Predators who was skating in his crease.

Philipp Grubauer??

That wasn't very gentlemanly...

It looks like Grubauer may have overreacted slightly, as Zucker didn't do much to incite the violence against him. However, its clear that players will think twice before cutting it too close to the crease.

Grubauer Likely Frustrated With Kraken Tough Loss

Grubauer was likely frustrated with the tough game, as the Predators dominated the Kraken last night winning 4-1. Grubauer hasn't had the best season himself, either, with a record of 10-11-2 while holding 2.86 goals against and a .900 save percentage with one shutout.

Hopefully, for Kraken fans, Grubauer got his frustration out and they can continue to work down the stretch.

As seen on Oilers Daily - "Goalie takes matters into his own hands and decks player in his crease"
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Furious Kraken Goalie decided to get things done on his own

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