Pittsburgh Penguins Defenseman Erik Karlsson
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Friedman's Bombshell Prediction Sparks Speculation About a Potential Karlsson Trade to Canada

Published February 22, 2024 at 3:18 PM


Elliotte Friedman discussed the potential for a reunion between Erik Karlsson and the Ottawa Senators in his 32 thoughts column, suggesting that while challenging, it remains a possibility. Karlsson, who was part of a significant three-way trade less than a year ago involving the San Jose Sharks and the Montreal Canadiens, has not lived up to the high expectations set for him in Pittsburgh. Despite posting solid numbers with seven goals, 32 assists, and a +8 rating over 53 games, he hasn't been the game-changer the Penguins hoped for. With Pittsburgh's playoff hopes dimming, a trade involving Karlsson could be on the horizon.

"I Can't Help But Wonder If The Senators Consider A Karlsson Reunion" says Friedman

Friedman speculates that the Senators might be interested in bringing Karlsson back, especially with Daniel Alfredsson on the bench in Ottawa, hinting at a unique connection between the two. However, a trade involving Karlsson would be complex, requiring all parties to agree. The Senators, aiming for a breakout season, might be looking to bolster their lineup by trading assets, including potentially their top defenseman Jakub Chychrun, who is not interested in a long-term commitment to the team.

The question remains whether Karlsson, at 33, would want to return to a team that's not in contention for the Stanley Cup, especially one where he spent nearly a decade. A potential return to Ottawa is laden with both nostalgia and practical challenges, making it a situation to watch as the season progresses.

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Friedman's Bombshell Prediction Sparks Speculation About a Potential Karlsson Trade to Canada

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