Insider Revealed Rangers Battled Flu during Series against Hurricanes

Marvin Azrak
May 20, 2024  (6:18 PM)

NY Rangers celebrate during series win against Carolina Hurricanes in Game 6.
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New York Rangers fans finally got some closure on that listless round 2 Game 5 performance against the Carolina Hurricanes, and, does it make a lot more sense now!

According to Larry Brooks, the hockey hall of fame writer and Rangers beat reporter for the New York Post, a nasty "flu-like illness" had made its way through the Rangers' locker room.
There's ample reason to believe that Kreider, as many of his teammates, have been dealing with a flu-like illness that raced through the team. No Ranger would acknowledge it. I have heard enough to believe that it's true. I also know enough that this would never be an excuse for losing the series after taking a 3-0 lead.

No wonder Filip Chytil was out for games 4-6 with «Illness», after returning from a six month absence in Game 3 and looking spry. It also explains why Chris Kreider was a question mark for Game 6 before he pulled off that epic natural hat trick in the third period to seal the series.
That 4-1 Game 5 debacle suddenly feels a bit more understandable. Imagine trying to play your heart out when you're battling a bug that's spreading like wildfire. There were even reports players vomited between periods. It paints a picture of just how tough it was for the team to stay focused.
Fortunately, the boys rallied in Game 6, coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the third to clinch the series victory and fend off their division rivals one last time.They've got a sweet six-day break before the next showdown. Head coach Peter Laviolette says most of the squad is back in fighting shape, which is music to fans' ears as they gear up for the ultimate battle against the reigning Eastern Conference champs, the Florida Panthers.
#NYRá coach Peter Laviolette wouldn't definitively say if everyone would be available this round vs. Florida, but said «we're working toward that.» «Everybody's out on the ice. Everybody to this point has been out on the ice. As of recently, there's not been any restrictions.»

Game 1 of this highly anticipated final four best-of-seven series kicks off on Wednesday in the Big Apple. Hopefully, the flu bug left the locker along with the storm of the Hurricane in round 2 and everyone is completely healthy for the latter part of the Stanley Cup ride.
As seen in New York Post:
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Insider Revealed Rangers Battled Flu during Series against Hurricanes

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