Juraj Slafkovsky of the Montreal Canadiens.
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Juraj Slafkovsky breaks major NHL rule during impressive show of skill

Published April 16, 2024 at 4:30 PM

The Montreal Canadiens went down to the rival Red Wings on Monday, and while he broke a rule in the process, rising star Juraj Slafkovsky made an impressive play.

After a slow start to his career, former No. 1 overall pick Juraj Slafkovsky has begun turning it around in a big way, tallying 19 goals and 48 points in all 81 games played this season. On Monday during the loss, he showed another impressive feat of skill in the final minute of the game as the Canadiens looked to hang on and send the game to OT.

Still impressive. Still illegal. Habs' Slafkovsky gets away with a stick flip to Nick Suzuki.

With the team pinned in their own defensive zone, Nick Suzuki had lost his stick, and in a moment of brilliance, Slafkovsky flipped the stick to his captain, but unfortunately, that's illegal in the NHL.

Rule 10.3 says you can't do that:

A player who has lost or broken his stick may receive a replacement stick by having one handed to him from his own players' bench, by having one handed to him by a teammate on the ice or by picking up his own unbroken stick or that of a teammate from the ice. A player will be penalized if he throws or shoots a stick to a teammate on the ice, or if he picks up and plays with an opponent's stick. A player may not participate in the play using a goalkeeper's stick. A minor penalty shall be imposed for an infraction of this rule.

While he got away with it, it's something that shouldn't happen often, as it could cost the Canadiens big time in the future, but for now, it appears as though Slafkovsky is getting more comfortable and confident as the days go by.

Source: House of Hockey

Habs Juraj Slafkovsky breaks an NHL rule in an impressive way
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Juraj Slafkovsky breaks major NHL rule during impressive show of skill

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