Mullett Arena, in Arizona.
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Coyotes fans send a plea to Oilers fans before final game in Arizona

Published April 16, 2024 at 1:40 PM

The Coyotes' fans sent a plea to the Oilers' fans before the final game in Arizona, set to go down tomorrow.

With the upcoming relocation of the Coyotes, the fans made a final request to fans of the Oilers.

They blatantly asked Edmonton fans to wear white at the game, to organize a "whiteout".

"Plea to visiting Oilers fans in Arizona on Wednesday - Wear White if Possible.

Good Afternoon Oilers family, visiting Yotes fan here.

We are attempting to organize a whiteout, I've been to quite a few Oilers vs Yotes games where we've been outnumbered, so I merely ask if you are able to where a white Oilers jersey or gear you would make us all happy.

I hope if you are attending this game you all enjoy and have a great time sending off our boys one last time in Arizona.

If you're attending the game, this is your chance to be part of something special.

Go it a night to remember as we bid farewell to the Coyotes in their last NHL contest in the desert."

Coyotes' fans are also gathering at the Mullett Arena, in order to celebrate the team one last time.

"Keep sharing the word #yotes fans to anyone in Arizona who has ever cared about this team. Bring family and friends I will see you all there on Wednesday my second family. #OnePack #HockeyBelongsInTheDesert"

More to come.

Source: Hockey Latest - Coyotes fans make request to Oilers ahead of franchise finale.
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Coyotes fans send a plea to Oilers fans before final game in Arizona

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