Photo of an unidentified object flying during a Minnesota Wild game
Photo credit: B/R Open Ice

Fan caught a flying object on camera during Minnesota Wild game

Published April 10, 2024 at 10:37
Mackenzie Stern-Kolesnikow
April 10, 2024  (10:37)

During a recent game between the Minnesota Wild and the Colorado Avalanche, which was played at the Xcel Energy Center, fans noticed a strange flying object flying around inside the arena. Some are speculating that this flying object could have extraterrestrial origins.

The unidentified flying object was caught on camera during the middle of the second period. This replay shows the object fly across the screen, is it possible that it was a UFO, or was it a bird that somehow found itself in the arena?

Many Twitter users debated over what the flying object was, some claim it was a bird or some sort of drone. This Twitter user share that he is sure that the flying object was just a drone:

"Drone flying around the arena"

It is possible that the flying object was just a drone or a lost bird, but some fans have more imaginative theories, including the possibility that the object was a UFO. Maybe aliens do enjoy watching some NHL hockey. If they do enjoy some NHL hockey, what team do they follow? It is possible that they are Minnesota fans, considering that they won the game 5-2, the Avalanche may have had some assistance in this victory from visitors from outer space.

Source - MarkerZone: Fans spot UFO during Minnesota Wild game
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Fan caught a flying object on camera during Minnesota Wild game

Do you think the flying object was just a drone, or was it some sort of UFO from another planet?

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