Joel Quenneville openly discusses the Chicago Blackhawks scandal

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April 9, 2024  (6:05 PM)

Former Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville in a podcast interview
Photo credit: The Cam & Strick Podcast on YouTube

In the latest episode of the popular Cam & Strick podcast, former NHL head coach Joel Quenneville spoke up for the first time on the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks scandal that led to his resignation.

The Chicago Blackhawks were met with one of the franchise's biggest scandals a few years ago after former Canadian AHL hockey forward and first-round 2008 NHL draft pick Kyle Beach came forward as the individual who filed suit in response to the team's mishandling of his sexual assault allegations. These charges were against former video coach Brad Aldrich, who sexually abused the player in the 2010 Stanley Cup race.
After meeting with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, Joel Quenneville, who served as Chicago's head coach when the abuse occurred, resigned from his head coaching position with the Florida Panthers.. He released a statement on the matter, acknowledging his failure to keep players safe.
"I want to express my sorrow for the pain this young man, Kyle Beach, has suffered. My former team, the Blackhawks, failed Kyle and I own my share of that. I want to reflect on how all of this happened and take the time to educate myself on ensuring hockey spaces are safe for everyone."

For the first time since his resignation, however, Coach Q discussed the 2010 scandal in the latest edition of the Cam & Strick podcast. During this lengthy interview, he revealed that the first he knew about any allegations was on the plane to meet with Bettman, only carrying the knowledge that Aldrich was sending inappropriate texts and hanging out with players. He also admitted he talked with Beach after his resignation, but will not share more on the conversation than that.
"Former #Blackhawks head coach Joel quenneville interview so far:
- the first time quenneville even knew of the specific details of the accusations and that it was even beach was on plane to meet with commissioner after his last game, he did not think it would be his last game"

"Former #Blackhawks head coach Joel quenneville interview so far:
- reached out and talked to Kyle beach right after his TSN interview, won't get into details.
- says all he knew in 2010 was video coach was sending inappropriate texts to and hanging out with players, that's all"

While he acknowledges his role in the situation, Quenneville made it clear that he does hope to coach for the NHL again someday. This would, however, entail serious conversations with Gary Bettman to get league clearance. Provided that multiple teams have expressed interest, it may be simpler than otherwise thought.
"Former #Blackhawks head coach Joel quenneville interview so far:
- He wants to get back to coaching and waiting for a clearance from league, says their has been teams with interest in him with mutual interest where he would have loved to have gone."

While admitting wrongdoing is the first step to redemption, fans are split on the matter. Some believe he is saying less than he knows, while others aredy for him to coach their favorite team.
Though the interest is clearly there, it is hard to determine whether or not Coach Q will return to the NHL. Hopefully, his voice on this situation will help more leaders in the hockey world prioritize safety of their players in all forms.
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Joel Quenneville poised to expose the Blackhawks scandal
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Joel Quenneville openly discusses the Chicago Blackhawks scandal

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