Gary Bettman Threatens to Fine Marc-Andre Fleury And the Minnesota Wild for a New Helmet Design that Honours His Wife's Heritage

Published November 24, 2023 at 3:22 PM

After Marc-Andre Fleury debuted this mask in support of Native American Heritage Night, Gary Bettman threatened a massive fine for the future HOFer.

Gary Bettman Blocks Fleury From Supporting Native American Heritage Night With Custom Mask

The Minnesota Wild are gearing up for their Native American Heritage Night celebrations, and Marc-Andre Fleury was ready to show his support with a custom mask. Fleury, whose wife is Native American, planned to wear the mask for warmup to show his support for the cause.



However, Gary Bettman and the NHL took swift action to block Fluery from wearing the custom mask, stating that he would be fined if he did so.

As part of Native American Heritage Night and to honor his wife, who is native, Marc-Andre Fleury had a custom-designed mask created by Cole Redhorse Taylor. Mask quotes his dad on back, has names of his kids.

He's bummed the NHL has informed him he can't even wear in warmups

Fleury was going to go as far as defying the NHLs ruling, and just pay the fine that would come. When Bettman and the NHL heard that was his plan, however, they took further action to state that the fine to the Wild would be increased to a substantial amount.

Marc-Andre Fleury indicated he was planning to wear the mask anyway and pay the fine. The NHL then threatened the Wild organization with an additional significant fine.

NHL Clearly Still Facing Issues Regarding Allowing Players To Show Their Support For Special Causes

The issue again raises the question of how the NHL is going about blocking players from showing their support for important causes. The NHL was recently in the spotlight for its terrible decision to block players from using Pride Tape to show their support for the LGBTQ+ movement.

That decision was overturned when Travis Dermott defied Gary Bettman, and the NHL made their decision to withdraw the ban.

All it took was Travis Dermott being that dude and the NHL completely backed down.

NEVER forget how the NHL was threatening to punish players for pride tape. What an embarrassing saga for hockey.

The NHL and NHLPA will have to have some serious discussions about this matter during the offseason as players continue to show their displeasure with how the NHL is handling players expressing their support for special causes.

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Gary Bettman Threatens to Fine Marc-Andre Fleury And the Minnesota Wild for a New Helmet Design that Honours His Wife's Heritage

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