The Oilers are Allegedly Implementing a New Strategy with Kane

Elliot Ben Jacob
April 8, 2024  (10:54)

Edmonton Oilers' Evander Kane.
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Motivation in the Locker Room

A key figure in the hockey world has hinted at an unusual strategy within the Edmonton Oilers camp, particularly surrounding star player Evander Kane. This tactic, aimed at boosting Kane's drive as the team approaches the critical phase of the Stanley Cup playoffs, came to light following an incident.
"I think they've just decided they are going to ride him until he gets there," speculated Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast. "It's gonna be tough love and it's not gonna be the coach that's gonna do it, it's gonna be the players."

Over the recent weekend, an exchange between Kane and a teammate became a topic of discussion after it was broadcasted live, catching the attention of fans and analysts alike. Following this event, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shared insights suggesting the event might have been more than meets the eye.
On a recent episode of his podcast, Friedman explored the possibility that the Oilers' players are intentionally applying pressure on Kane, a method known as «tough love.»
"My theory is that the Oilers know if they are gonna be successful in the playoffs, they need Evander Kane," said Friedman. "They need him, they need him. They don't just need him to just be moderately engaged, they need big pain in the ass Evander Kane, they need top forechecker in the league Evander Kane."

Unpacking the Oilers' Strategy

The question arises: What motivates the Oilers to adopt such an approach with Kane? According to Friedman, the intent is to ignite Kane's competitive spirit ahead of the playoffs.
"They are saying 'If we wanna win the Stanley Cup this year we need a great Evander Kane and we are taking the responsibility of making sure he gets there,»

The Oilers' squad seems to be working towards ensuring Kane's peak performance during the most pivotal moments of the season.
A good example of this strategy was showcased during a game against the Calgary Flames. Veteran NHL forward Corey Perry was seen in a heated exchange with Kane, a behavior unusual for Perry. This incident, referenced in a tweet from NationNMedia, appears to align with the notion of a purposeful effort to challenge Kane.
"My theory is McDavid and Draisaitl have gone to Perry and said 'We need your help with this' because you also have the gravitas as a veteran player to go to him'"

Kevin Bieksa, a former teammate of Perry, noticed this unusual behavior, giving credibility to Friedman's theory of a plan to put in place a motivational boost for Kane.
This move by the Oilers, explained by Friedman, highlights the team's dynamics as they gear up for the playoff season, demonstrating the lengths to which teams will go to secure their best chance at victory.
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The Oilers are Allegedly Implementing a New Strategy with Kane

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