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Insider Names Eastern Conference Team Pursuing Draisaitl

Published March 28, 2024 at 11:18 PM

After helping his team make one of the biggest comebacks in the league this season, Oilers center Leon Draisaitl is being pursued by another team.

Edmonton had one of the rockiest starts to the season, standing at the bottom of the rankings. Now, with the efforts of some key players, the Oilers have a clear chance at the Stanley Cup this year.

Yet despite all the successes of the team, long-time Oilers insider Jim Matheson made the shocking announcement that one Eastern Conference team is doing whatever they can to pull in Leon Draisaitl. This team, of course, is the Boston Bruins.

"Jim Matheson believes that the Boston Bruins would 'move heaven and earth' to bring in Leon Draisaitl if he becomes available by any means.

Matheson also makes it clear though, that he believes Draisaitl wants to remain in Edmonton and will sign a contract extension."

Draisaitl currently has 38 goals and 55 assists in 70 games so far, which puts him at the eighth-most points in the league this season with 93 total. While it is unsurprising that any team would want such a productive player, actively pursuing them is strange amidst a string of success with their current team.

In all likelihood, Draisaitl will sign an extension to stay on the ice with Edmonton. If the Bruins want any chance at this star player, they will have to hope for as many delays in contract extension as possible.

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Insider reveals eastern conference team heavily pursuing Draisaitl
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Insider Names Eastern Conference Team Pursuing Draisaitl

Will Draisaitl extend his contract with Edmonton?

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