Edmonton Oilers' Evander Kane goes after journalist who slandered him

Tyler Ball
April 29, 2024  (10:15)

Evander Kane speaking to the media and calling out journalist Mark Spector
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The Edmonton Oilers find themselves in a tight series against the Los Angeles Kings. While they are currently up 3-1 journalist Mark Spector believes that one forward Evander Kane is not pulling his weight. He called out Evander Kane for being a distraction causing Kane to need to respond.

During a recent podcast interview, Mark Spector was talking about the Edmonton Oilers and the beginning of their series against the Los Angeles Kings. During the discussion, he decided to rip into Evander Kane for causing drama and distractions within the locker room.
As has been the case all of Kane's career, too much drama, boys. Too much drama around Evander Kane. Useless drama. I'll do what every player on every other team does. Yeah, maintenance day, I'm gonna try hard tomorrow. This is needless drama that you don't need starting playoffs, that you don't want in your dressing room. The guys we talk to about Evander Kane running his course - He doesn't run his course as a player, he runs his course as a bringer of drama.

It sounds as though Mark Spector believes that Evander Kane has run his course as a member of the Edmonton Oilers and a split could be coming soon. Evander Kane eventually heard these comments and was understandably upset. So when Mark Spector asked Evander Kane a question in a press conference he used the moment to troll Mark Spector.
Just the drama of it all it brings the best out of me

Without context the response by Evander Kane could be seen as a genuine answer to the question. However, add in the context and it is a hilarious troll of a journalist that questioned his character and impact on the team. The Oilers seem to be doing just fine with Evander Kane in the locker room and are one win away from a second round appearance.
If you would like to hear both Mark Spector's comments and Evander Kane's reply back to back the post on X below has both videos back to back. It will be fun to see if their back and forth continues throughout the playoffs.
Source: Markerzone - Evander Kane claps back at journalist Mark Spector for slandering him
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Edmonton Oilers' Evander Kane goes after journalist who slandered him

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