Corey Perry gets involved with Brock Boeser during game 4 between the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks.
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Corey Perry threatens Brock Boeser during Game 4

Published May 15, 2024 at 6:44 PM

The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks renewed pleasantries in game 4 of their second round series and there was no love lost between the two Canadian rivals, including Corey Perry and Brock Boeser.

After Carson Soucy of the Vancouver Canucks was suspended in Game 3 for a rough cross-check, Corey Perry from the Oilers decided to have some fun by threatening to cross check Brock Boeser in the face during the game.

The tension between the two teams reached a boiling point, leading to a scrum. Edmonton fans applauded Perry for his epic troll move against the Canucks.

Listen I hate ever saying anything nice about Corey Perry but this is a 10/10 troll. Perfect.

Ultimately, the Oilers and Perry managed to secure a dramatic win. The Canucks evened things late, scoring twice in the third period, including the equalizer with the extra attacker.

Yet 61 seconds later, Evan Bouchard bombed one home, lifting Edmonton to a 3-2 win, tying the series at 2.

Now, with Game 5 coming up on Thursday, everyone's wondering if the Canucks will find a way to respond at home and take the trolling to a whole new level. It's definitely going to be one to watch!
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Corey Perry threatens Brock Boeser during Game 4

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