REPORT: Oilers Looking To Trade Away Their Top Future Asset For Help Now

Published September 9, 2023 at 12:54

The Edmonton Oilers, aiming to win the Stanley Cup in the 2023-24 season, have a strong team. However, they have a significant gap to fill in their lineup.

The Right-Handed Defense Issue

Despite having one of the league's best rosters, the Edmoton Oilers lack depth on the right side of their defense.

Right now, the Oilers only have three right-handed defensemen: Evan Bouchard, Cody Ceci, and Vincent Desharnais. While Bouchard and Ceci are solid, Desharnais is not on the same level.

This leaves a big hole in their defense, which opponents could exploit during the playoffs. While some players can switch sides, it's better to have them in their natural positions.


Oilers Consider a Big Trade

Recently, hockey insider Bob Stauffer suggested that the Oilers might trade their 2024 1st-round draft pick to strengthen their right side. Stauffer's comment gives us insight into the Oilers' plans:

"Keep an eye on the Oilers right side. That might give us a little bit of an indication as to what the team may or may not need..if they end up moving that 1st rd pick."

This move seems likely because the Oilers have shown they are willing to trade a late first-round pick to compete for the Stanley Cup.

As the trade deadline approaches, fans are eager to see what the Oilers will do. Will they bring in a defenseman to improve their team's chances of winning the Stanley Cup? We'll have to wait and see as Edmonton charts its path towards championship success.

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REPORT: Oilers Looking To Trade Away Their Top Future Asset For Help Now

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