Recent Top Five Pick Reveals His NHL Career Could Be Ending Soon

Published September 9, 2023 at 11:09

A recent top-five pick has revealed that he is in danger of having his NHL career ending.

Puljujarvi Reveals The Worst

In a recent interview with Ilta Sanomat, a Finnish news source, Jesse Puljujarvi revealed the worst for his NHL future.

So far, nothing has been heard from the NHL, when everyone knows that it will take many more months to get fit. I know that there is some interest in the NHL, but let's wait until I get closer to playing condition, Puljujärvi says.

While Puljujarvi believes there will be NHL interest, nobody is calling regarding his services. At this stage of the offseason, that is career-threatening for most NHLers, including Puljujarvi.


Puljujarvi Returning From Injury

A good reason why Puljujarvi does not have any NHL interest yet is that he is coming off a double hip replacement. He is still not nearing playing condition and revealed some of the struggles he dealt with during his recovery.

"The most difficult phase of all was 2.5 weeks after the operation. In the beginning it was just being able to walk. Now let's slowly start to wake up the muscles. There are 20-centimeter incisions on both sides of the buttocks. Now they are constantly trying to gain strength and mobility. It gets better every week" - Jesse Puljujarvi

If Puljujarvi can come back at 100%, he will certainly become a key player for whichever team he goes to whether that is as a top-six player or a bottom-six player.

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Recent Top Five Pick Reveals His NHL Career Could Be Ending Soon

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