Oilers May Screw Big Free Agent Signing by Over 3 Million Dollars

Published October 27, 2023 at 11:56


The Edmonton Oilers' 2023 season has begun on a shaky note with a 1-5-1 record in their initial seven games, heading into a crucial week with high-stake games ahead. A significant concern revolves around veteran Connor Brown's contract.

Costly Gamble

His current cap hit stands at $775k, but playing 10 games this season triggers a $3.25 million performance bonus affecting next season's salary cap. However, Brown's performance has been lackluster with zero points in six games, leading to his demotion to the third line.

The Oilers have suffered a brutal score deficit with him on the ice during 5v5 play. Unless Brown substantially improves his performance shortly, the likelihood of him hitting the 10-game mark diminishes, hinting at a probable exit from the team.

something to keep an eye on - Connor Brown has 0 points in 6 games for the Oilers. they've been outscored 3-0 with him on the ice at 5v5 and now he's on the third line. his cap hit is $775k, but if he plays 10 games he has a $3.25M performance bonus that's on the cap next year

Early Exit Imminent?

While it's early in the season, these are ominous signs for Edmonton. Brown, who was envisioned as a potential top-six forward, has failed to meet expectations. With teammates outshining him, the pressure is on Brown to elevate his game in the coming matches to secure his NHL career with the Oilers. This week could be a turning point for both Brown and the Oilers, setting the tone for the rest of the season.

Connor Brown will be taking up most of the cap increase next season with his bonus (3.25M) he earns in 3 more games played for the #LetsGoOilers So far he has 0G, 0A, 0 points through 7 games played.

When does Connor Brown make his Oilers debut?

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Oilers May Screw Big Free Agent Signing by Over 3 Million Dollars

Is Connor Brown going to the AHL soon?

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