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New Opportunity Becomes Available For The Edmonton Oilers Giving Fans Hope For The Rest Of The Season

Published December 29, 2023 at 5:32 PM

A new opportunity for the Edmonton Oilers to get back into contention has been discovered. This discovery has provided major hope for the future in the eyes of many Oilers fans.

Oilers Struggle To String Wins Together

The Edmonton Oilers have been a frequent team to find themselves in the NHL news cycle this season. Their struggles at the beginning of the year are well documented. Things were so bad at one point that head coach Jay Woodcroft was relieved of his duties.

Since his firing the Oilers have started to steady the ship. Their star players have picked up their game and the team is back in the playoff race. With the Oilers back in the playoff race a new piece of information has been discovered that has left fans hopeful that more wins are coming in bunches this season.

New Opportunity Becomes Available Giving Fans Hope For The Rest Of The Season

A post on X from Eric Friesen has pointed out that to this point in the season, the Oilers have faced one of the toughest schedules in the NHL. Heading into the rest of the season the Oilers have one of the easiest strength of schedules.

Per @GuruRankings, the #Oilers have had the fourth-most difficult schedule in the NHL so far this season (average opponent 14.85th place).

Edmonton now has the third-easiest schedule in the league from here on out (average opponent 17.43th place).

This means that the struggles that the Edmonton Oilers have faced could likely be due to things out of their control. They will now have an excellent opportunity to make up for their slow start. Even with this potential advantage, the Oilers need to find more consistency to make potential wins a reality.

If the Oilers can continue to play well heading into the trade deadline they could set themselves up to be buyers and contenders.

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New Opportunity Becomes Available For The Edmonton Oilers Giving Fans Hope For The Rest Of The Season

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