Top NHL Insider shuts down a major rumor that could have changed the landscape of the NHL.
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Elliotte Friedman Shuts Down Potentially League Changing Rumor

Published December 29, 2023 at 2:27 PM

The NHL sees a potentially generational prospect enter the league every few seasons, but few live up to the hype immediately like Connor Bedard, and it could pay off in a big way for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Recent speculation links two big stars to Bedard and the 'Hawks


Despite being just 34 games into his NHL career, Bedard is showing both his star power and his drawing power already, as he's become a top star in the league already, with his highlights drawing plenty of eyes to the sport.

Yesterday was an example of his great drawing power, as a bombshell was dropped on Spittin Chiclets' 'Game Notes' podcast, as it was revealed that not one but two top stars were interested in teaming up with the breakout superstar.

Elliotte Friedman reveals the likelihood of this move happening

However, less than a day later, respected NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman chimed in on the recent report, revealing that while it's not impossible, it's certainly a premature report to put out there.

Matt Murley is not an idiot. He hears things. I've seen the stuff that he reports. He gets information, people talk to him. I would say about this one, I think it's premature.

Friedman didn't reveal whether it was Pettersson or Nylander or potentially both that the 'premature' bit relates too, but given what Bedard has done early in his career, it's clear that he's going to be the driving force behind the resurgence of the Blackhawks, and this type of rumour only goes to prove that.

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Elliotte Friedman Shuts Down Potentially League Changing Rumor

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