Mattias Ekholm's Veteran Experience Helping Evan Bouchard Up His Game

Published September 14, 2023 at 1:48 PM

Mattias Ekholm recently shared advice he has been giving to linemate Evan Bouchard.

Ekholm's Experience Will Help

In a recent episode of the Got Yer' Back podcast, host Ryan Rishaug spoke with Oilers Veteran Defenseman Mattias Ekholm about his partnership with Evan Bouchard. Ekholm, who was traded from Nashville Predators for Tyson Barrie and Reid Schaefer, was certainly a much-needed mentor to Bouchard last season. Ekholm gave the young defenseman some high praise.

«I've played with some guys that are high offensive guys. I think Evan is a high-end offensive guy, but I also think, for him, it's more just staying with it.» He added, «I don't think he was a liability at all when I played with him.»

«He's so smart and he's always in the right position, he's knocking down a lot of pucks, he's doing a good job defensively; he's got a really good outlet pass and he's a competitive guy»

Happy Notes

Thankfully for Oilers fans, Ekholm doesn't think that Bouchard needs to change much heading into the 23-24 season.

«Just do exactly what you did for the last 25 games you were here, you don't need to do anything more. That's gonna help this team a tremendous amount and, like we talked about, keep trying to play defense when the time comes because if you're going to play over 23-24 minutes, you're going to have to defend against anyone in this league. You just can't play protected minutes for that much.»

If Bouchard can take Ekholm's advice and continue to practice his craft, the Oilers will remain a team to watch this season.

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Mattias Ekholm's Veteran Experience Helping Evan Bouchard Up His Game

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